• is so unmiserable it hurts.
  • is the city that sleeps just the right amount.
  • is plum happy to be here.
  • loves Taco Tuesdays.
  • is a bothsider.
  • bikes to work every day. Yes, even in winter.
  • doesn't get cold in winter, just awesome.
  • plays by the lake.
  • loves CLE Critical Mass.
  • would love to see a Euclid Beach Park rebirth.
  • can't get enough of one of the world's best orchestras.
  • = way rad.
  • has no grassy knoll (but some pretty incredible Metroparks).
  • loves plums.
  • wants a bratwurst from the West Side Market.
  • was made in 216. Really.
  • is so happy city enthusiasm has made the Cleveland Marathon a race to be reckoned with.
  • thinks the river caught fire just to get your attention.
  • appreciates enthusiasm.
  • hearts long walks on wholly underrated beaches.
  • will try Lake Erie surfing this fall.
  • would host the Olympics, but is a little busy right now.
  • would never be a free agent.
  • loves you too.
  • is home.
  • can't pick a best pizza because they're all pretty damned good.
  • enjoys having all four seasons.
  • plays outside in winter and summer.
  • rides a bike to work.
  • needs to visit A Christmas Story house (again) this year.
  • understands there's so much yet to do.
  • loves it here.
  • high-fives others who love it here too.
  • gets the veggie dog with chorizo chili.
  • enjoys rainy days at the art museum.
  • thinks Ian Hunter rocks as well.
  • believes in the power of innerburbs, uptowns and downtowns.
  • gets excited whenever How I Met Your Mother refers to Ted's NEO origins.
  • believes Liz Lemon actually does heart Cleveland as much as we do.
  • wouldn't mind the return of streetcars.
  • loves to travel the world and then come home to the best place in it.
  • owns, perhaps, too many shirts that mention a love for the city.
  • could probably make a killer plum pudding.
  • always knows which way is north.
  • is really pumped about Collinwood and Gordon Square going awesome.
  • likes to ride the bus all over town.
  • has so much to say.
  • should be in movies, don't you think?
  • will host a bread-pudding tour of Cleveland this fall.
  • has never been to a wig shop, but could tell you where to find one.
  • has a big lake as its backyard.
  • can totally swim to Canada.
  • kayaks the Cuyahoga.
  • wants to make you so freakin' unmiserable you cry. Happy tears.
  • loves Boston cream pie and plans to spark the revolution that changes its name.
  • feels a little too happy about Presti's bringing back doughnuts.
  • puts the eastside-westside battle aside.
  • crosses the river.
  • sees smart people.
  • has access to some pretty serious health care.
  • doesn't have to pretend getting ripped off on rent is OK.
  • loves architecture.
  • is home to an impressive collection of universities and other higher ed institutions.
  • digs a grid system.
  • loves all of NEO equally. Mostly.
  • thinks you choose to be happy (or not).
  • believes in the magic of a good bread pudding.
  • feels no shame in loving polka.
  • has been to the Cleveland-style Polka Hall of Fame.
  • hearts polkamaster DJ Kishka.

Go here: Bertha’s Gallery

Bertha's GalleryAre you in the market for a hot-pink bike with a banana-seat? A 1930s tea set? Or, you know, a Christmas cactus? Turns out you can find all these things in one place, just outside of Cleveland proper.

Nestled into a Kirtland-area strip mall (of all places!) at the corner of Routes 306 and 6, Bertha’s Gallery teems with some pretty fab finds.

Don’t let the teeny, exburban facade fool you. It’s a sizable shop: Bertha’s nine designer showrooms cover more than 12,000 square feet. Each space is decked out as a slightly cluttered, if not thoughtfully laid-out, room you might find in a friend’s cute lil’ house. Wander from room to room to find home furnishings (antique and new), art, lamps, stained glass, vintage wares and collectibles o’plenty.

Because Bertha hocks antique goodies and new, her selection — like any vintage shop worth its salt — is ever-changing and, often, pleasantly surprising. My last trip: I snagged a black vintage embroidered dress and a stack of children’s books. Lots of fanciful finds, sans the fancy-pants prices.

Who’s to say I won’t be back for that banana seat?

Speaking of unmiserable prices: Bertha’s runs some crazy Friday and Monday sales each month, which — rumor has it — get seriously mobbed. Ever feel like you’re missing something?

You should also take note of Bertha’s Gallery monthly public auctions on jewelry and antiques. Next dates are Oct. 29, Nov. 12 and Dec. 3. Check out the Bertha’s Gallery auction pages for more details.

Ready to visit?
Find Bertha’s Gallery at 10609 Chillicothe Road, Kirtland, Ohio (440-256-2580). It’s at the intersection of Route 306 and Route 6. She’s open Tuesday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m., and closed on Monday. Visit the Bertha’s Gallery website for more information.